Bridges or Walls?

We are in turbulent times. Or we are relieved that things are finally starting to make sense again. Polarization is the name of the game at the moment and people seem to be more entrenched into whatever camps they have decided to be in.

To not be political is to be wishy-washy. To stand for nothing and fall for anything, as the saying goes. But to be politicized may also mean to be polarized propped up by some dash or righteousness and maybe sprinkle of ignorance.

So what is a person who purports to build bridges across differences to do? Reflect. Listen actively, especially to your own voice. Pay attention to your values by mindfully paying attention to your feelings. What sets you off? Makes you feel safe? At risk? Those emotions don’t lie. They are windows to the truth of who we are in this moment. But don’t stop there, get to the bottom of it by asking where do those feelings come from, experience, upbringing, or conscious beliefs? Why? Because we only control two out of those three.

We can’t change our upbringing, but we can choose our experiences and make choices about what values we want to keep or not. By examining our own values to develop self awareness and being curious enough about others to find out about theirs, we create a possibility for understanding and empathy. That’s real power. Without those ingredients we don’t build those bridges, instead we build walls.

At Culturiousity we are bridge builders. Let us build with you those relationships, respect and results that matter and contribute to health and wellbeing of all of us.