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Our Approach

Our Approach

Culturiousity’s mission is to be the first place people choose to cultivate cultural competence domestically and globally.

We believe cultural competence requires self awareness, curiosity and empathy and we bake that into our consulting, training and coaching. Using a developmental approach, we use valid and reliable assessments that help measure progress to ensure we deliver far more than mere feel-good PR.

We serve and partner with organizations, groups and individuals committed to adding holistic value in their work, life and community. Working with us demonstrates commitment to healthy relationships, respect and results through increased cultural competence.

Our Story

Our Story

Founder TK McLennon learned from a very young age that as cultural environments changed, so did the rules of the game. These skills were put to the test during her visits to over 18 countries and experience working in Europe, Asia, and North America (Including Mexico). With no shortage of difference in her highly diverse hometown of Toronto, the opportunity to help people in work and life build bridges across these differences to healthy and prosperous outcomes is her calling and her passion. Curiosity along with self awareness and empathy are the building blocks of bridging our differences in ways that make us healthier. Culture + curiosity = culturiousity.

Meet Our Leader

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TK McLennon

Founder & CEO

TK McLennon is a former assistant professor in the school of International Studies at the University of Ulsan in South Korea, and a former instructor of Global Management Studies at Ryerson University.


With a background in corporate communications, knowledge management and learning, she has delivered results to organizations of all sizes and myriad industries.


She is a published author with a passion for all things intercultural. Her experience traveling to 18 and living in five different countries equipped her to get by in five languages and showed her how to march past fear and into more mindful awareness.


She has a BA in Communications, an MBA, and a certificate in Adult Training and Development. She’s a qualified IDI administrator and a certified training and development professional (CTDP).

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